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Lobe is a free and easy-to-use app that allows you to train custom machine learning models and integrate them into your own applications. With Lobe, you can easily label and collect images, automatically train your models, and export them to a variety of platforms. It requires no coding or prior experience in machine learning, making it accessible to anyone.

Lobe provides project templates for different types of machine learning tasks, such as image classification, object detection, and data classification. The app simplifies the machine learning process into three steps: labeling images, training the model, and using the model in your application. Lobe also offers live visual results to help you understand the performance of your model and improve its predictions. Additionally, Lobe allows you to export your trained model in industry-standard formats and deploy it on any platform of your choice. Overall, Lobe makes machine learning more accessible and user-friendly for individuals who want to incorporate custom machine learning models into their applications.


  • Easy-to-use interface for training machine learning models
  • No coding or prior experience required
  • Ability to label and collect images for creating datasets
  • Automatic training on your own computer
  • Live visual results to understand model performance
  • Export trained models to various platforms

Use Cases

  • Train custom machine learning models for image classification
  • Integrate machine learning capabilities into your own applications
  • Improve decision-making in various fields such as tourism and wildlife behavior analysis
  • Process and analyze untapped sources of data
  • Enhance safety measures through object detection

Suited For

  • Developers and software engineers
  • Individuals without coding or machine learning experience
  • Data scientists and researchers
  • Companies looking to incorporate machine learning into their applications


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