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Lion Browser is the first AI-powered accountability browser for iOS that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to accurately detect explicit websites and images, and keeps track of them to send as a weekly log to a partner or partners of your choice.


  • Accountability: Lion browser uses AI and Machine Learning to detect explicit images in real-time while you browse. Lion keeps track of these websites and sends them to your partners weekly.
  • Blacklist: The browser has a blacklist of over 4.5 million adult websites that are tracked or blocked. Custom websites can also be added to the blacklist.
  • Detection Level: Users can fine-tune the detection level and choose whether to track suggestive images or explicit images only.
  • History Logs: Users can choose to send daily or weekly emails of their browsing history to their partners.
  • Disable Images & Media: Extra protection can be enabled by blocking all images and media from parental controls.
  • Top-Notch Browsing: Lion Browser offers a browsing experience comparable to popular browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and DuckDuckGo.

Use Cases

  • Accountability and monitoring of internet usage to promote good browsing habits and provide transparency to partners.

Suited For

  • Individuals who want to build good online browsing habits and desire greater accountability in their internet usage.