Arktan logo is an AI-powered platform that generates personalized and high-quality lesson plans for teachers, saving them time and effort in the planning process.

With an easy-to-use interface, teachers can quickly generate lesson plans that are customized to their students' needs and abilities. The AI technology generates step-by-step lesson plans with engaging activities and resources, making it easy for teachers to implement them in their classrooms.

The platform is suitable for teachers of all grades, from K-12, and covers a wide range of subjects. Teachers can also customize the generated lesson plans to fit their teaching style. is developed by teachers, ensuring that the generated plans align with educational standards and best practices.


  • AI-powered lesson plan generation
  • Customizable lesson plans
  • Step-by-step guides for each lesson
  • Wide range of subjects and grade levels

Use Cases

  • Generating personalized lesson plans for students
  • Streamlining the planning process for teachers
  • Creating engaging and effective lessons
  • Saving time in lesson planning

Suited For

  • Teachers of all grades (K-12)
  • Educators looking to save time in lesson planning
  • Teachers seeking personalized and high-quality lesson plans