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Legisway Analyzer is an AI-powered tool that enables lawyers to automate contract indexing, leading to faster contract reviews. Formerly known as Della AI, it was acquired by Wolters Kluwer and now offers enhanced and efficient solutions for contract reviews and audits in multiple languages. With the ability to analyze up to 30 contracts simultaneously and the option to import up to 10,000 contracts at once, Legisway Analyzer helps deliver work in a timely manner. It also improves data accuracy, reduces costs, and allows legal teams to keep track of contractual obligations and mitigate risks.


  • AI-powered contract indexing
  • Review contracts 4X faster
  • Analyze multiple contracts simultaneously
  • Import and analyze up to 10,000 contracts at once
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Cost reduction
  • Risk mitigation

Use Cases

  • Automated contract indexing
  • Accelerated contract reviews
  • Contract audits in multiple languages

Suited For

  • Lawyers
  • Legal professionals
  • Legal departments