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Lavender is an AI-powered tool that helps sellers write better emails faster and get more positive replies in less time. By analyzing your emails and providing objective feedback, Lavender helps improve your email response rates. It also assists with personalization, provides real-time coaching based on data, and empowers managers to track performance and coach their teams. Lavender integrates with popular email platforms and is suitable for sellers, leaders, and anyone who wants to improve their email communication skills.


  • Email grading and improvement tips
  • Personalization assistance
  • Real-time coaching based on data
  • Data-backed email insights for managers
  • Integration with popular email platforms

Use Cases

  • Improving email response rates
  • Personalizing emails based on recipient data
  • Tracking email performance and ROI
  • Coaching sales teams based on email insights

Suited For

  • Sellers
  • Sales leaders
  • Anyone who wants to improve their email communication skills