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Latte is a powerful AI tool that allows you to turn a simple text prompt into a full length video, combining AI generated visuals, music, and realistic voices. It offers a fast and affordable solution for creating engaging video content. Whether you are a content creator, marketer, or agency, Latte can help you automate your content production and distribution.

Latte also provides video editing capabilities, allowing you to extract the best parts of your video content, add subtitles, and convert to vertical format. With endless use cases and zero learning curve, Latte is an ideal tool for increasing the reach of your long form videos or podcasts, transforming Zoom calls into content, and saving time and money by automating boring tasks. Backed by Europe's best investors and founded by social media and AI experts, Latte is a reliable and innovative solution for video creation.


  • Turn text prompts into full length videos
  • Combine AI generated visuals, music, and realistic voices
  • Fast and affordable video creation
  • Automate content production and distribution
  • Extract the best parts of video content
  • Add subtitles and convert to vertical format

Use Cases

  • Create engaging video content from text prompts
  • Automate content production and distribution
  • Increase the reach of long form videos or podcasts
  • Transform Zoom calls into content

Suited For

  • Content creators
  • Marketers
  • Agencies


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