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Kraftful is a powerful product management tool that uses AI to analyze user feedback and provide actionable insights. It helps product teams understand what their users need and how to make their product more delightful. With Kraftful, teams can collect feedback from 30+ sources and listen to millions of users in minutes. The tool saves valuable time by providing instant lists of feature requests, popular features, and other product insights. It also allows teams to collaborate and share insights with their team in Slack, and create user stories with acceptance criteria to create tickets in popular project management tools like Jira. Kraftful is trusted by innovative product teams and has received positive reviews from users in various industries.


  • Deep AI analysis of user feedback
  • Instant lists of feature requests and popular features
  • Collaboration and sharing of insights in Slack
  • Integration with popular project management tools

Use Cases

  • Optimizing product development
  • Understanding user needs
  • Generating actionable insights from user feedback

Suited For

  • Product managers
  • Product development teams

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