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korewa.AI is an AI chat platform for anime fans, where users can speak to or create scarily realistic anime characters using AI text models fine-tuned specifically for anime characters. The platform provides visual-novel-style character animations, allowing characters to display their emotions visually. Users can create their own characters, customize them with personality, memory, and emotion, and even upload images of their favorite characters. Additionally, users can explore and speak to other user-generated characters and have unique interactions with them.


  • AI chat platform for anime fans
  • Visual-novel-style character animations
  • Customization with personality, memory, and emotion
  • Upload images of favorite characters
  • Explore other user-generated characters

Use Cases

  • Chatting with anime characters
  • Creating personalized anime characters
  • Exploring and interacting with user-generated characters

Suited For

  • Anime fans
  • Users interested in AI-powered chat platforms