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Tungsten Automation, formerly known as Kofax, is a global leader in Intelligent Automation with nearly 40 years of experience in digital workflow transformation. They offer cutting-edge AI-powered software that enables businesses to automate their most data-intensive workflows, across various critical and industry-specific use cases. Their comprehensive portfolio of workflow solutions helps enterprises operate more intelligently, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Tungsten Automation provides solutions for workflow automation, invoice automation, and document automation & security. They have been recognized by industry analysts for their innovation and customer success. Trusted by global enterprises and business leaders, Tungsten Automation is committed to delivering excellent customer support and is dedicated to helping organizations in their transformation journeys.


  • AI-powered automation software
  • Seamless management of onboarding, KYC, claims processing, and other business-critical use cases
  • Scalable solutions for accounts payable workflows and invoice processing
  • Intelligent document solutions including serverless print software, dynamic PDF editor, and advanced document analysis

Use Cases

  • Automating data-intensive workflows
  • Streamlining invoice processing and compliance
  • Optimizing vendor-supplier networks through efficient document management

Suited For

  • Enterprises across industries looking to automate their workflows and improve operational efficiency


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