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With Kinetix's SDK & APIs, developers can easily integrate an AI-powered User-Generated Emote feature into their games, allowing players to create and play their own custom emotes directly within the game. Kinetix uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to detect human motion from videos and recreate the movements in 3D animations that can be applied to any avatar. The tool also features smooth integration, performance-friendly technology, and proactive moderation to ensure a seamless and safe user experience. By enabling user-generated emotes, developers can boost player engagement, enhance social interactions, and generate additional revenue streams.


  • AI-powered User-Generated Emote feature
  • Turn videos into custom emotes
  • Avatar agnostic integration
  • Performance-friendly technology
  • Proactive moderation

Use Cases

  • Integrating user-generated emotes into games
  • Enhancing player engagement and retention
  • Enabling more intense social interactions
  • Monetizing a library of emotes

Suited For

  • Game developers
  • Game publishers
  • Mobile game developers
  • Online game platforms


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