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BotHub is an intelligent chatbot hub that allows users to access and manage various GPT-powered services from different companies in one place, with features including customizable preferences and seamless switching between services.

The app offers a range of GPT-powered chatbots for different purposes, such as answering questions, providing foreign language support, writing text, proofreading, creating copyright-free photos, recommending recipes, offering counseling, and summarizing long texts.


  • Access and manage multiple GPT-powered services from various companies
  • Customizable preferences for a personalized experience
  • Seamless switching between different GPT services and chatbots

Use Cases

  • Getting answers to questions
  • Foreign language translation support
  • Ghostwriting and proofreading
  • Creating copyright-free photos
  • Recipe recommendations
  • Counseling
  • Summarizing long texts

Suited For

  • Individuals looking for a central hub to manage and access various GPT-powered services
  • Users who want to interact with GPT-powered chatbots for different purposes