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Khan Academy Khanmigo is an AI-powered guide that provides tutoring for learners and assistance for teachers, bringing the benefits of one-on-one tutoring, guided lesson planning, and writing coaching to students worldwide. With interactive experiences and real-time feedback, Khanmigo is reimagining computer science education as well. Sign up for Khanmigo and get personalized learning and access to future AI features!

Khan Academy Khanmigo is an AI-powered educational tool that offers personalized tutoring and assistance to learners, as well as guidance and support for teachers. By leveraging the power of AI, Khanmigo aims to make education more accessible and empower students worldwide. Whether you need help with a specific subject, want guidance on lesson planning, or require writing coaching, Khanmigo has got you covered. Additionally, Khanmigo provides interactive experiences and real-time feedback to help learners improve their computer science skills. By signing up for Khanmigo, you not only get access to personalized learning but also contribute to shaping the future of education by providing valuable feedback and helping to develop new features. Join Khan Academy and embrace the power of AI in education!

Khan Academy Khanmigo is an AI-powered educational tool that offers personalized tutoring, lesson planning assistance, writing coaching, and computer science learning experiences. With the mission to make education free and accessible for all, Khanmigo brings the benefits of one-on-one tutoring to every student, empowers teachers by saving time through AI-guided planning and student feedback, and helps learners unlock their creativity through writing prompts and collaboration. By signing up for Khanmigo, you not only gain access to a powerful AI guide but also support Khan Academy in their mission to provide high-quality education worldwide.


  • AI-powered tutoring for learners
  • AI-guided lesson planning for teachers
  • Writing coaching and collaboration features
  • Interactive computer science learning experiences

Use Cases

  • Personalized learning for students
  • Lesson planning and student feedback for teachers
  • Improving writing skills and creativity
  • Learning computer science and coding

Suited For

  • Students of all ages and levels
  • Teachers seeking assistance and feedback
  • Individuals interested in computer science learning


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