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Kaizan is an all-in-one AI platform that helps client success teams measure client sentiment, increase client coverage, and optimize productivity. It is designed to modernize client-facing teams by providing them with the tools they need to retain and grow client revenue. With Kaizan, teams can efficiently track tasks and client health, overdeliver on client expectations, and deliver best-in-class service.

The platform uses AI technology to analyze and measure client sentiment, allowing teams to gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction. It also helps teams track tasks and client health, enabling them to prioritize their efforts and ensure that no client falls through the cracks. Additionally, Kaizan provides a range of productivity optimization features, including automation and data-driven recommendations, to streamline workflows and maximize team efficiency.


  • Client sentiment analysis
  • Task tracking and prioritization
  • Client health monitoring
  • Automation and data-driven recommendations
  • Productivity optimization

Use Cases

  • Measuring and improving client satisfaction
  • Increasing client coverage and revenue
  • Streamlining client success workflows
  • Optimizing team productivity
  • Enhancing relationship management

Suited For

  • Client success teams
  • Customer relationship managers