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Kadoa is an AI-powered tool that allows users to extract and transform data from various online sources quickly and easily, without the need for custom tools or coding.

With Kadoa, you can build data extraction workflows in seconds, saving you time and effort in manual data processing and integration.

The tool's AI capabilities enable it to navigate websites, locate desired information, and handle clicking, scrolling, and other interactions.

Kadoa's workflows are self-healing, meaning they can adapt to changes in source websites, ensuring consistent and accurate data extraction.


  • Build data extraction workflows without coding or browser extensions
  • AI-powered autonomous agent for smart navigation and interactions with websites
  • Self-healing workflows that adapt to changes in source websites
  • Data transformation and mapping from different sources into a unified structure
  • Powerful API and integrations for easy access and use of extracted data

Use Cases

  • Ecommerce: Extract real-time pricing, promotions, and availability; collect product specifications and descriptions; match data against existing product catalog
  • Job Postings: Collect job postings from any career page and job board; import jobs regardless of ATS; transform data into the required structure; track labor market trends
  • Generative AI: Extract data from HTML, PDF, or CSV sources; clean, normalize, and prepare unstructured data; customize transformation rules; keep AI models updated
  • Finance: Collect financial market data; process PDF invoices into structured data; make data-driven investment decisions; ensure compliance
  • Company Data: Extract and analyze sales data from company websites; focus on closing deals instead of data management; gather company and team insights
  • News: Analyze news for better decision-making; customize media sources; set up custom reports

Suited For

  • Enterprises looking to automate data extraction and processing workflows
  • Data scientists and analysts needing to gather data from various sources
  • Businesses in ecommerce, finance, job recruitment, generative AI, and news analysis