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Jusi is an AI-powered tool that helps increase the efficiency of website and web application development by up to 25%. It creates comprehensive Terms of Reference (TOR) for your product development and connects you with suitable studios in the marketplace. With Jusi, you can boost your development efficiency, get free estimations of costs for your project, and take advantage of competitor analysis services. It streamlines the process of project creation by providing TORs, insights into competitor websites, effort estimates, and cost estimations.

You no longer need to spend time and resources on crafting a developer-friendly website description, defining required features, analyzing competitors, estimating project deadlines and costs, hunting for performers, and selecting the best performers. Jusi handles all of this for you, saving you time and helping you choose the right studios. With its marketplace, Jusi allows the best studios and freelancers to compete for your project, giving you full transparency and access to multiple options.

Jusi is suited for individuals and companies involved in website and web application development who want to streamline the creation process, increase efficiency, and save time and resources.


  • AI-generated Terms of Reference (TOR)
  • Marketplace connecting you with suitable studios
  • Free estimation of project costs
  • Competitor analysis service
  • Effort estimation for website features
  • Cost estimation for design, development, and project management stages
  • Automatic project proposal management
  • Top performer selection

Use Cases

  • Streamline website and web application development process
  • Save time and resources in crafting website descriptions
  • Get comprehensive TORs and insights into competitor websites
  • Efficiently estimate project deadlines and costs
  • Easily find and choose suitable performers for your project

Suited For

  • Web developers
  • IT specialists
  • Marketers
  • Business analysts


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