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Welcome to, your AI-powered companion for job search and career growth. Jobs-Scout empowers job seekers by providing an intelligent job tracker and resume analysis tool, all powered by the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT. Simplify your job search, gain insights into job postings, and optimize your resume to stand out in the competitive job market.

Use Cases

  • Job seekers looking to streamline their job search process
  • Individuals seeking insights into job postings using AI-driven analysis
  • Resume optimization for better visibility and higher chances of success


  • Job Tracking: Effortlessly organize and track job opportunities
  • AI Analysis: Gain insights into job postings using GPT-powered AI
  • Resume Optimization: Identify missing elements and optimize your resume
  • Sample Cover Letters: Generate AI-driven cover letters based on your experience
  • Free Analyses: Create 3 free analyses per calendar month

Suited For

Jobs Scout is suited for job seekers at all levels who want to enhance their job search strategy. Whether you're a recent graduate, a mid-career professional, or an experienced job seeker, Jobs Scout empowers you with AI-driven insights and tools to navigate the job market effectively, stand out with optimized resumes, and make informed decisions about job opportunities.