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Jasper is an enterprise-grade AI tool designed to help marketing teams achieve both speed and performance. It offers a range of features including company knowledge, team acceleration, AI-assisted content creation, and analytics & insights. Jasper is suited for marketing professionals who want to enhance their productivity and improve marketing outcomes using artificial intelligence.


  • Company knowledge: Tap into a central nervous system for all your content and ensure it aligns with your brand and product positioning, company strategy, and voice & style guide.
  • Team acceleration: Move faster with fewer miscommunications using automated project management, accelerated content creation, and streamlined reviews and optimization.
  • AI-assisted content: Go from idea to execution faster and with better outcomes using on-brand AI assistance, turning briefs or individual pieces of content into multichannel campaigns, and developing supporting imagery.
  • Analytics & insights: Go beyond faster outputs and gain actionable insights to improve your marketing. Get AI recommendations, turn them into quality improvements, and directly publish AI-optimized content.
  • Enterprise-strong foundation: Jasper offers interoperability across the latest models, multimodality for text and images, and ensures the highest degree of security and data privacy.

Use Cases

  • Centralize and align content across your organization
  • Enhance team collaboration and communication
  • Accelerate content creation and adaptation
  • Improve marketing performance with AI-driven insights and recommendations

Suited For

  • Marketing teams in enterprises and organizations
  • Marketing professionals looking to enhance their productivity and marketing outcomes using AI


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