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Jargonnay: Your Instant Jargon Explanations on Mac

Welcome to Jargonnay, the ultimate AI-powered jargon finder for your Mac. With a simple shortcut, you can access quick and concise explanations for any complex term you encounter, keeping you up to date and informed.


Jargonnay empowers Mac users with a seamless way to instantly understand unfamiliar jargon encountered while working. With AI-generated explanations tailored to your needs, Jargonnay is your go-to tool for decoding technical terms.

Use Cases

  • Professionals and Employees
  • Organizations and Teams
  • New Employee Onboarding


  • Instant Explanations on Mac
  • AI-Personalized Definitions
  • Works Across Mac Apps
  • Web Dashboard for Custom Dictionary
  • Team Collaboration

Suited For

Jargonnay caters to professionals, organizations, and teams seeking efficient ways to decipher industry-specific jargon. It's ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their understanding of complex terms encountered on their Mac.