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Interview Igniter is a collection of AI-based practice tools designed to help job seekers excel in interviews.

Our AI-driven platform offers a robust interview simulation that fine-tunes your skills, adapts to your learning curve, and provides detailed feedback, propelling you towards your dream job.

Prepare for any interview scenario with our comprehensive question bank including a wide range of industry-specific questions plus actual interview questions asked by leading tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and more to boost your confidence and improve your performance.

Our Coding Interview Tool provides a simulated interview experience, helping you practice and improve your coding skills.

Practice how to position and sell yourself daily with our Interview Simulator. Gain a competitive edge by getting immediate personalized feedback on your responses, allowing you to transform common interview questions from hurdles into stepping stones towards your dream job.

Harness the power of Conversation Intelligence with our advanced CI tools. Analyze your communication in real-time, receive nuanced feedback, and ensure every word counts.

Engage with mock interviews 24/7 according to your convenience. Refine and perfect your responses using insights from popular interview methodologies.

Our mock interviews draw from the wisdom of seasoned recruitment professionals, ensuring you get the most authentic, relevant practice possible.

Our AI measures not just what you say, but how you say it. Utilize our Emotion Analysis feature to understand and improve how you present yourself during an interview.

Interview Igniter was created by Vidal Graupera, a former engineering manager at LinkedIn and Uber with over 20 years of experience hiring.


  • Comprehensive question bank including industry-specific questions and actual interview questions from top tech companies.
  • Coding Interview Tool for practicing coding skills.
  • Interview Simulator with personalized feedback on responses.
  • Conversation Intelligence tools for real-time analysis and feedback.
  • 24/7 availability for mock interviews.
  • Emotion Analysis feature to evaluate and improve interview presentation skills.
  • Created by a experienced hiring professional.

Use Cases

  • Preparing for job interviews.
  • Improving interview skills and performance.
  • Practicing coding skills for technical interviews.

Suited For

  • Job seekers who want to excel in interviews.
  • Tech professionals, such as software engineers and product managers.
  • Individuals looking to enhance their interview presentation skills.