Arktan logo is an email marketing and newsletter platform that provides businesses, startups, and nonprofits with a secure and reliable solution. It is compliant with GDPR regulations and offers features such as AI-generated text, multilingual content, and customizable templates. With, users can easily create engaging and personalized newsletters, product descriptions, and social media posts in just a few seconds.

The platform also offers an AI editor called Teriyaki, which allows users to bring their ideas to life and create unique templates quickly and easily. prioritizes privacy and security, ensuring that emails are sent quickly and securely. User support is available, including technical support, training, and documentation.


  • AI-generated text for newsletters
  • Over 50 language options for content and translations
  • Creation of newsletters, product descriptions, and social media posts
  • AI editor for creating unique templates
  • Secure and quick sending of emails

Use Cases

  • Email marketing
  • Newsletter creation
  • Content generation
  • Social media content creation

Suited For

  • Businesses
  • Startups
  • Nonprofits