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InboxPro is a tool that helps you streamline client acquisition and nurturing using AI, merge tags, follow-up sequences, and a built-in calendar. It allows you to turn leads into customers and close more meetings by reducing tasks, optimizing prospects, and closing deals efficiently.

With InboxPro, you can easily guide your email contacts from prospects to clients by setting up a simple method that ensures conversions. It also helps you stay away from multiple phone calls and back-and-forth emails, allowing you to focus on closing deals. InboxPro provides a more predictable sales process by allowing you to make forecasts and better organize your business.


  • Import your contacts from Gmail or add them manually
  • Utilize the AI Email assistant to compose emails faster
  • Set up a follow-up email sequence with multiple triggers and conditions
  • Personalize your communications using merge tags
  • Set up your calendar to receive appointments
  • Use add-ons like email tracking, templates, and signatures
  • Visualize your Gmail account activity with email reports and insights

Use Cases

  • Streamline the process of acquiring and nurturing clients
  • Close more meetings and optimize prospects
  • Easily guide email contacts from prospects to clients
  • Organize business and make forecasts
  • Enhance email communication and personalize messages
  • Efficiently schedule appointments and manage calendar
  • Analyze Gmail account activity and make data-driven decisions

Suited For

  • Sales teams
  • Business professionals
  • Email marketers
  • Entrepreneurs