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Imaginator is an AI tool that turns your text into images, allowing you to see your thoughts come alive. With an easy-to-use interface and a credit system for image generation, Imaginator offers a range of pricing options to suit your needs. Whether you're an indie hacker, an artist, or someone looking to bring their imagination to life, Imaginator provides a platform to transform your ideas into stunning visuals.

AI innovation at its finest is what you can expect when using our products.


  • Turn your text into images
  • Credit system for image generation
  • Multiple pricing options

Use Cases

  • Indie hackers and coders looking for visual representation of their ideas
  • Artists and designers seeking inspiration or reference images
  • Individuals wanting to bring their imagination to life through visuals

Suited For

  • Indie hackers and coders
  • Artists and designers
  • Imaginative individuals