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Illustroke is a generative AI design tool that allows you to create beautiful vector illustrations from text prompts. With more than 40 unique styles to choose from, you can generate customizable illustrations in seconds. The tool generates images in vector format (SVG), which offers advantages such as scalability, color and shape changes, high-quality printing, and the ability to apply animation. It also provides a pixelated version (PNG) for download. Illustroke's editor allows further modification of vector images, and the tool offers cloud storage for easy access to saved work.


  • Generative AI design tool
  • Create vector illustrations from text prompts
  • Over 40 unique styles to choose from
  • Vector format (SVG) for scalability and customization
  • Pixelated version (PNG) also available for download
  • Editor for further modifications
  • Cloud storage for easy access

Use Cases

  • Create website illustrations
  • Design logos and icons

Suited For

  • Graphic designers
  • Digital marketers
  • Social media managers
  • Website owners
  • Content creators