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HoppyCopy is an AI-powered tool that helps you save time writing by generating powerful copy for a variety of email marketing campaigns, drips, newsletters, and more in just seconds. It offers a range of features including high-converting email templates, image-rich newsletters, multi-day sequences, advanced editor tools, a content converter, spam checker, and competitor monitoring. HoppyCopy is suited for individuals who want to streamline their email marketing efforts and write compelling copy more efficiently.


  • High-converting email templates
  • Image-rich newsletters
  • Multi-day sequences
  • Advanced editor tools
  • Content converter
  • Spam checker
  • Competitor monitoring

Use Cases

  • Generating copy for email marketing campaigns
  • Writing image-rich newsletters
  • Creating multi-day sequences
  • Editing and tweaking existing copy
  • Converting content from different sources
  • Checking emails for spam keywords
  • Monitoring competitors' email strategies

Suited For

  • Email marketers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Small business owners
  • Content creators