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Heyday is an AI thought partner that uses AI technology to convert conversations into notes, reading materials into quotes, and ideas into posts. It helps professionals generate meeting notes, extract insights from research, and draft content based on past conversations and reading materials.

With features like meeting note generation, contextualized search, and reading context, Heyday aims to streamline information processing and provide actionable insights.


  • Meeting note generation from Zoom calls
  • Contextualized search based on conversations, emails, documents, and notes
  • Reading context to connect ideas from past reading materials
  • Automatic email with call notes and new content ideas
  • Secure and confidential data storage

Use Cases

  • Generating meeting notes quickly and efficiently
  • Extracting insights from research materials
  • Drafting content and ideas based on past conversations and reading materials

Suited For

  • Professionals who conduct meetings and need to generate meeting notes
  • Researchers who need to extract insights from various sources
  • Content creators who want to generate ideas based on past reading materials and conversations


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