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Copilot Voice is a tool that allows you to write code without using a keyboard by using your voice to communicate with GitHub Copilot. It helps users who have difficulty typing to code effortlessly by simply talking to the tool.

With Copilot Voice, you can write and edit code by stating your intent in natural language, and the tool will suggest a code snippet for you. If you are not satisfied with the generated code, you can ask for a change in plain English. Additionally, Copilot Voice provides code navigation capabilities, allowing you to go to specific lines, methods, or blocks without using a mouse or arrow keys. It also enables you to run programs and control the IDE by performing actions like toggling zen mode or executing Visual Studio Code commands. Moreover, if you are unsure about the functionality of a piece of code, Copilot Voice can explain lines of code and provide a summary of their purpose.


  • Return a boolean
  • Write/edit code
  • Go to the next method
  • Run the program
  • Explain lines 3 - 10
  • Type less, code more

Use Cases

  • Effortless coding for individuals with difficulty typing
  • Improving coding speed and productivity through voice commands
  • Enhancing accessibility for coding tasks

Suited For

  • Software developers with typing difficulties
  • Anyone who wants to code using voice commands


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