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/Help: Your Instant Assistance Companion

Introducing /Help, the ultimate Chrome Extension that brings instant assistance to your fingertips wherever you type. Unlock the power of instant responses to your queries with just a simple command, making your workflow more efficient and effective.


With /Help, you can access quick assistance from anywhere you type. By utilizing a straightforward '/help' command, followed by your query, you'll instantly receive the answers you need to enhance your productivity and streamline your daily tasks.

Use Cases

  • Obtain instant answers and guidance for your queries.
  • Enhance your workflow and save time on searching for information.
  • Ideal for individuals seeking efficient solutions to their questions.


  • Access instant assistance from anywhere you type.
  • Utilize the '/help' command followed by your query to receive immediate responses.
  • Saves you time and effort by providing quick solutions to your questions.
  • Enhance your productivity by having a reliable information source at your fingertips.

Suited For

  • Professionals seeking instant solutions to their queries.
  • Individuals looking to streamline their workflow and save time.
  • Anyone eager to simplify the process of accessing information.