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Master your Codebase with contextually-rich AI chats, integrated with a secure code snippets library. Code smarter than ever with the power of a codebase aware assistant, and leverage multiple AI models to generate, optimize, refactor, and debug code. Save snippets from anywhere and collaborate with your team, while keeping your code safe and private.


  • Contextually-rich AI chats integrated with a secure code snippets library
  • Leverage the power of a codebase aware assistant to write clean, performance optimized code
  • Generate functions or whole snippets with AI to reduce code rewriting
  • Save code snippets and collaborate with your team
  • Identify and optimize performance bottlenecks in your code
  • Generate detailed documentation in just a few clicks
  • Reduce frustration and increase efficiency by finding and fixing errors with the power of AI
  • Keep your code safe in a snippets library with end-to-end encryption

Use Cases

  • Building new features and fixing bugs
  • Writing clean and optimized code
  • Creating documentation
  • Refactoring and debugging code
  • Collaborating with teams

Suited For

  • Developers
  • Students


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