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GPT Stylist is a powerful AI tool that generates custom color palettes based on your product description, allowing you to create designs that truly embody your brand's identity.

It eliminates the need to settle for generic colors and simplifies the color decision-making process, whether you're designing a new product or revamping an existing one.


  • Generate unique color palettes based on product descriptions
  • Craft bespoke schemes that reflect your brand's identity
  • Simplify the color decision-making process
  • Plugin available for Figma and FigJam
  • Prompt library with over 50 templates and examples

Use Cases

  • Designing a brand-new product and need a palette that matches its vibe
  • Redesigning an existing product and want to revamp its color scheme

Suited For

  • Designers seeking custom color palettes
  • Brands and businesses looking to enhance their visual identity