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Gooey.AI is a tool that simplifies the process of running Generative AI models, offering a unified billing account and easily accessible workflows.


  • No-Code Interface
  • Endlessly Customizable
  • Community Examples
  • One-Click Shareability
  • Plug-And-Play API
  • Communication Integration
  • Infrastructure: Hosted/On Prem

Use Cases

  • Boost search rank with AI content
  • Access and scale AI models for developers
  • Generate reports from real-time data
  • Build WhatsApp/Facebook bots for non-profits
  • Unlock productivity with AI copilots for operations
  • Drive customer engagement with AI artwork and animations
  • Enhance employee productivity with intelligent Slack bots

Suited For

  • Developers
  • Marketing teams
  • Finance teams
  • Non-profits
  • Operations teams
  • Branding and Activation teams
  • Creative professionals
  • Organizations seeking employee productivity enhancement


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