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GNOD is a platform that uses AI and new user interfaces to help users discover music, art, literature, movies, and more.

With projects like GNOD Music, GNOD Art, GNOD Literature, and GNOD Movies, users can use AI to discover bands, artists, authors, and movies they like.

GNOD also offers a product chart for visual product discovery and a search engine comparison tool.

Over 300,000 users use GNOD each month to find new things they might like.


  • AI-powered discovery of bands, art, authors, and movies
  • Product chart for visual product discovery
  • Search engine comparison tool

Use Cases

  • Discover new music and artists
  • Explore art and literature that matches your taste
  • Find movies that you will enjoy
  • Discover new products visually
  • Compare different search engines

Suited For

  • Music enthusiasts
  • Art enthusiasts
  • Book lovers
  • Movie enthusiasts
  • Product discovery enthusiasts
  • Internet users looking for search engine alternatives


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