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Glean is an AI-powered enterprise search and knowledge discovery solution that allows teams to search all company apps, find the information they need, and discover important insights.

With features like vector search powered by deep learning-based LLMs, Glean enables semantic understanding for natural language queries, continuously trains on the company's unique language and context to improve search relevance, and builds a personalized knowledge graph based on people, content, and interactions.

Glean is easy to use with 100+ connectors to connect all the apps already in use, and it enforces existing permissions of data sources for secure and private results.


  • AI-powered workplace search
  • Generative AI for your enterprise
  • Personalized results and knowledge discovery
  • Easy to use, ready to go— right out of the box

Use Cases

  • Enterprise search and knowledge discovery
  • Improving productivity and engagement for teams
  • Enhancing workplace search with AI

Suited For

  • Modern teams
  • Enterprise organizations
  • Businesses with multiple apps
  • Individuals looking for a comprehensive search solution


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