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Gladly Sidekick is an AI and automation platform that enables personalized self-service and works hand-in-hand with Gladly Hero to deliver personalized agent-assisted customer service.

It helps brands scale their customer service by providing generative AI and no-code automation for customer self-service and automating transactions in a personalized way.


  • Generative AI and no-code automation platform
  • Self Service Threads for personalized customer self-service
  • Automated execution of transactions
  • Deep customer focus for AI-powered customer service
  • Integration with Gladly Hero for seamless agent-assisted service

Use Cases

  • Streamlining routine requests like returns or exchanges
  • Enabling customers to self-service basic tasks and questions
  • Assisting customer service agents in delivering personalized experiences
  • Automating responses and transactions in a personalized way

Suited For

  • Customer service teams
  • Brands looking to provide personalized customer service at scale