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Summary is a revolutionary AI tool that transforms traditional documentation processes. Leveraging advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI, understands your codebase to provide a collaborative and conversational documentation experience. It acts as a pair programmer for new hires and enhances documentation efficiency for senior engineers.

Use Cases

  • Efficient onboarding for new developers
  • Enhanced documentation for senior engineers
  • Real-time synchronization of GitHub repositories
  • Conversational codebase for increased productivity


  • Conversational knowledge base using AI language models
  • Auto-sync with GitHub repositories
  • Upload custom documents and corrections
  • Encrypted data security for shared information

Suited For is designed for organizations that seek to streamline documentation processes and improve developer onboarding. It caters to both new hires and senior engineers, offering a collaborative codebase that drives productivity. It's particularly valuable for companies looking to tap into the potential of AI-powered documentation and real-time synchronization for technical teams.