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git18n: AI-Powered Copywriting and Translation Tool

Discover the innovative AI-powered solution, git18n, designed to supercharge your app development process with efficient copywriting and translation management. Say goodbye to the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in managing copy and translations, and empower your development team to focus on what truly matters - building exceptional features.


git18n is the ultimate solution for streamlining copywriting and translation in the development workflow. Developers, copywriters, and translators can seamlessly collaborate within the same environment, enhancing the quality of content and accelerating the development process.

Use Cases

  • Engineering Managers & DevOps seeking streamlined collaboration.
  • Developers aiming to prioritize feature development.
  • Copywriters & translators looking for efficient content management.


  1. AI-Powered Copywriting and Translation: Elevate content quality.
  2. Direct Github Integration: Seamlessly add AI-generated content to the repository.
  3. Flexible Translation Management: Agile text changes in a fast-paced environment.

Suited For

git18n caters to a range of professionals seeking enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and content quality. Whether you're an Engineering Manager, Developer, Copywriter, or Translator, git18n empowers you to seamlessly integrate AI-generated content into your development process and maintain high-quality copy and translations.

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