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GETitOUT is a marketing tool that allows you to find ideal buyer personas, turn features into benefits, and generate professional texts for landing pages, emails, and more.

With features like Persona Generator, Competitor Analysis, Client Analysis, and Text Tool, GETitOUT is suited for marketing agencies, consultants, incubators, VCs, and in-house marketing teams to streamline their marketing process and create attractive marketing materials.


  • Persona Generator
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Client Analysis
  • Text Tool
  • Benefits
  • Call-to-Actions
  • Text Generator
  • Material Generator
  • Landing Pages
  • Emails & Series
  • Presentations
  • Marketing Briefing
  • Design
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Marketing Texts
  • Marketing Materials

Use Cases

  • Create ideal buyer personas
  • Analyze competitors and clients
  • Generate professional marketing texts
  • Create landing pages, emails, and presentations

Suited For

  • Marketing agencies
  • Marketing consultants
  • Incubators
  • Venture capitalists
  • In-house marketing teams


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