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Genius Sheets is a powerful tool that utilizes conversational AI to help you analyze your Salesforce data, generate insights, and create real-time reports. With its user-friendly interface and fast response time, you can uncover hidden data insights and make informed business decisions. Genius Sheets also offers features such as onboarding assistance, customizable AI models, and integration with your desired data sources.

Whether you are a sales team or a RevOps team, Genius Sheets provides the essential tools to validate data, standardize metrics, and discover valuable insights that go beyond traditional Salesforce dashboards. By asking questions in natural language, you can get instant answers and eliminate the need to wait for co-workers to compile the information for you. Myko, the AI assistant, learns from your usage patterns and suggests questions to help you uncover deeper insights that can drive your business forward.


  • Conversational AI assistance for analyzing Salesforce data
  • Onboarding assistance for building key definitions and metrics
  • Customizable AI model tailored to your company
  • Integration with desired data sources
  • Instant answers to data questions in real-time
  • User-friendly interface and fast response time
  • Learning AI assistant that suggests relevant questions

Use Cases

  • Generating insights and reporting from Salesforce data
  • Analyzing data to make informed business decisions
  • Standardizing metrics for accurate data analysis
  • Discovering hidden insights beyond traditional Salesforce dashboards

Suited For

  • Sales teams
  • RevOps teams


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