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GenChat is an AI tool that allows you to summarize and deepdive into any PDF document without the need to open it. With its generative AI capabilities, GenChat enhances productivity by providing instant access to the most important information. It offers features such as document summarization, asking detailed questions, and AI support and image generation, making it a valuable tool for anyone dealing with PDFs and documents in their work.


  • Summarize documents on the go, even large ones, in seconds
  • Ask detailed questions about the contents of documents and receive real-time responses
  • AI chat support and image generation on-the-go

Use Cases

  • Quickly summarize and get key insights from PDF documents
  • Deep dive into specific details within documents for better understanding
  • Access support and generate images related to the content of the documents

Suited For

  • Professionals who deal with PDFs and documents regularly
  • Students and researchers who need to extract important information from large documents
  • Individuals looking to improve their productivity when working with documents


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