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FlutterFlow AI Gen is an AI assistant for app development that allows users to generate code, styles, and database schemas with the help of AI.

This tool is designed to make app development easier by providing AI-powered solutions at every step of the process.


  • AI Page Gen: Kickstart your app development by providing a prompt and letting AI generate the initial code, which you can customize and add to your project.
  • AI Schema Gen: Automatically generate database schemas for your app using AI.
  • AI Theme Gen: Let AI suggest and generate design themes for your app.
  • AI Code Gen: Generate code snippets and templates for your app using AI.

Use Cases

  • Accelerate app development by leveraging AI-powered code and design generation.
  • Save time and effort by automating the creation of code, styles, and schemas.
  • Easily customize and integrate AI-generated components into your app project.

Suited For

  • App developers looking to streamline their development process.
  • Individuals seeking automated code generation for their app projects.
  • Those who want to leverage AI technology to enhance their app development workflow.


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