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Flowrite is an AI-powered tool that turns instructions into ready-to-send emails and messages across the browser. It helps users save time, hit the right tone, overcome writer's block, and sound fluent in English. With its seamless integration into the user's inbox and personalized reply suggestions, Flowrite enhances productivity and improves communication efficiency. It provides high-quality alternatives to choose from and offers templates for repetitive emails and messages. Flowrite is designed for frequent and responsive email and messaging workflows and is trusted by professionals in various roles and teams.


  • Seamless integration with email and messaging tools
  • Three high-quality personalized alternatives for each message
  • Instant reply suggestions
  • Ability to make instructions personal
  • Templates for repetitive emails and messages
  • Time-saving capabilities

Use Cases

  • Sales prospecting
  • Candidate outreach and rejection
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Sales email acceptance and follow-up
  • Cold sales emails
  • Promotion announcements
  • Formal requests
  • Project status updates to clients
  • Business inquiries
  • Breakup with sales prospects
  • Reference call requests
  • Demo invitations
  • Interview invitations
  • Rejecting job offers
  • Customer support
  • Marketing and communications

Suited For

  • Individuals
  • Companies