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FGenEds is a tool that helps you convert your unwanted gen ed class lectures into useful cheat sheets. By simply uploading a PDF of your lecture slides, FGenEds will analyze the content and extract the most important information, summarizing it into cheat sheets that are easy to study from. With FGenEds, you no longer have to spend excessive time and money on classes you're not interested in, as it helps you quickly grasp the key concepts and essential knowledge.


  • Converts unwanted gen ed class lectures into cheat sheets
  • Analyzes PDF lecture slides and extracts important information
  • Summarizes content into easy-to-read cheat sheets

Use Cases

  • Students who want to save time and effort in studying for gen ed classes
  • Individuals who want to quickly understand the key concepts of a lecture

Suited For

  • College students
  • High school students
  • Lifelong learners