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EZQL is an AI-powered database platform that allows users to effortlessly manage and explore their databases without any prior expertise. With EZQL, users can view, query, visualize, and edit their data, all in one place. The tool also enables seamless collaboration for a smarter data experience. Whether you need to analyze data for business insights, create reports, or share data with colleagues, EZQL makes the process simple and efficient. Its intuitive interface and AI-powered capabilities empower users to interact with their databases without the need for technical knowledge or coding skills.


  • AI-powered database platform
  • Effortless management and exploration of databases
  • View, query, visualize, and edit data
  • Seamless collaboration for a smarter data experience

Use Cases

  • Data analysis for business insights
  • Creating reports
  • Sharing data with colleagues

Suited For

  • Individuals without technical expertise in database management
  • Business professionals needing to analyze and work with data

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