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Eye for AI is an easy-to-use text-to-image AI tool that allows you to create images from text in under a minute.

It provides a visual 'prompt builder' to craft complex prompts and save them as templates for powerful no-code workflows.

You can also train the AI on your own images and use them with your prompts.


  • Create images from text in under a minute
  • Visual 'prompt builder' for complex prompts
  • Save prompts as templates for no-code workflows
  • Train the AI on your own images

Use Cases

  • Quickly generate images from text
  • Create reusable templates for image generation workflows
  • Bring stories to life with quick concept art
  • Generate stylized portraits and illustrations
  • Create cute isometric rooms and realistic landscapes

Suited For

  • Content creators
  • Digital marketers
  • Designers
  • Writers
  • Artists