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Embra is a fast and powerful AI assistant designed to help professionals save time and work more efficiently. It connects your data, workflows, and team to provide instant assistance and accelerate great work. Whether you're a startup, scaling business, or an individual, Embra can help you integrate AI into your work and streamline your daily tasks.

Embra is used by professionals from various industries, including leaders, salespeople, consultants, engineers, and support staff. It acts as a personal assistant, understanding your work style, anticipating your needs, and providing solutions even before you realize you need them. With customizable language models, integrations, and seamless Chrome integration, Embra stands out as a valuable tool for boosting productivity and simplifying daily tasks.


  • Connect your data, workflows, and team
  • Save hours and accelerate great work
  • Pull up Embra with a hotkey
  • Access from anywhere (MacOS, web & mobile)
  • Private for you & your team
  • Audit usage and control your AI
  • Integrate your apps (Chrome, Gmail, Zoom, and others)
  • Gain query superpowers with the Knowledge Engine
  • Automate repetitive work with Quick Commands
  • Scale yourself with Workflow Builder (coming soon)
  • Take command of your work with personalized automation

Use Cases

  • Streamline daily tasks and boost productivity
  • Automate repetitive work and save time
  • Access AI-powered assistance from anywhere
  • Improve communication and collaboration within teams
  • Generate high-quality writing for content creation
  • Research and gather information quickly
  • Enhance sales intelligence and win more deals
  • Improve customer support response times
  • Streamline knowledge work and reporting for managers
  • Make data-driven decisions with AI advice for leadership

Suited For

  • Professionals from startups and scaling businesses
  • Individuals looking to integrate AI into their work
  • Leaders, salespeople, consultants, engineers, and support staff