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Puppetry is a comprehensive toolset that simplifies the complex task of face animation, allowing users to create lifelike, animated faces through a simple script or by leveraging their own video. The tool eliminates the need for intricate manual adjustments like rigging or head gear. With Puppetry, you can easily create engaging short video content for classrooms, social media, or any other purpose.


  • Animate faces using your own video or text without the need for rigging or head gear
  • Create engaging short video content for classrooms and social media
  • Turn images into talking spokesperson in Canva
  • Generate videos using text or video

Use Cases

  • Creating animated videos for storytelling or marketing purposes
  • Generating videos for game assets or Instagram posts
  • Mock storyboarding and animation testing
  • Generating talking spokespersons in Canva

Suited For

  • Teachers
  • Creators
  • Marketers
  • Video makers