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EDGE is a powerful tool for editable dance generation that can create realistic dances based on input music, using a transformer-based diffusion model paired with Jukebox for music feature extraction, and allowing for joint-wise conditioning, motion in-betweening, and dance continuation.

It outperforms recent methods like Bailando and FACT according to human raters.


  • Transformer-based diffusion model for dance generation
  • Music feature extraction with Jukebox
  • Editable choreographies with joint-wise conditioning, motion in-betweening, and dance continuation
  • Support for arbitrary spatial and temporal constraints
  • Improved physical realism with Contact Consistency Loss

Use Cases

  • Creating choreographies from music
  • Generating dances with specific spatial or temporal constraints
  • Producing dances with a combination of preset and generated motions

Suited For

  • Dance enthusiasts
  • Choreographers
  • Artists
  • Developers