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A quiz creator built for workplace teams, EdApp's quiz creator allows you to create engaging quizzes for your team in minutes.

With features like spreadsheet upload, built-in reinforcement, and real-time leaderboards, EdApp's quiz creator makes creating quizzes easier than ever.

It is suited for hospitality, healthcare, and construction industries, and can be integrated with existing systems using standard integrations or the Public API.


  • Spreadsheet Upload: Create quizzes using our simple template and create hundreds of questions in minutes.
  • Built for mobile: Quizzes that you create with EdApp can be taken on any device and look beautiful on any mobile phone.
  • Real-Time Leaderboards: Gamify your quiz and watch your team compete for the best score with live leaderboards.
  • Built-In Reinforcement: Reinforce learning with our built-in refresh feature that allows you to create and upload questions quickly.

Use Cases

  • Quiz teams on food safety protocols in the hospitality industry.
  • Ask field sales teams in the healthcare industry questions about product updates and new regulations.
  • Refresh OSHA training in the construction industry.
  • Create quizzes for various industries to assess knowledge and engage learners.

Suited For

  • Workplace teams in hospitality, healthcare, and construction industries.
  • Organizations and individuals looking for an easy-to-use quiz creator.
  • Companies looking for features like real-time leaderboards and built-in reinforcement.


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