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EasyPrompt is a versatile Telegram chatbot that combines chatGPT and Midjourney AI to provide a range of features such as prompt generation, image generation, team collaboration, and much more. With EasyPrompt, you can easily create personalized chatbots without any coding skills, collaborate with your team, and customize your AI chatbot to match your brand. It also offers optimized prompts with various chat modes for different tasks. Whether you need assistance with prompt generation, image generation, or team collaboration, EasyPrompt has got you covered.


  • Prompt generation
  • Image generation
  • Team collaboration
  • Optimized chat modes

Use Cases

  • Create personalized chatbots
  • Generate ideas and provide instant feedback with AI collaboration
  • Customize AI chatbots for brand experience

Suited For

  • Individuals looking to create personalized chatbots without coding
  • Teams collaborating with AI for generating ideas and feedback
  • Individuals and businesses looking to customize AI chatbot experiences