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Dubverse is an online video dubbing platform that leverages artificial intelligence to provide fast and accurate dubbing in over 30 languages.

With advanced features like self-servable script editing, human-like voices, and built-in sharing utility, Dubverse makes it easy for creators to reach a wider audience and maximize the ROI on video creation.


  • AI-powered video dubbing with text-to-speech, machine translation, and generative AI
  • Self-servable script editor with real-time translation
  • Human-like voices from a range of 450+ speakers
  • Dubbing in 60+ Indian and global languages
  • Built-in sharing utility for collaboration
  • Download subtitles in multiple languages
  • Access to on-demand language experts

Use Cases

  • Dubbing documentary films in multiple languages
  • Adding subtitles to informational videos, how-to videos, tech tutorials, news segments, and documentaries
  • Expanding the reach of e-learning, training, and upskilling videos
  • Creating product explainer videos, unboxing tutorials, tech reviews, and testimonials
  • Localization of videos in various industries like ed-tech, media houses, indie creators, L&D, agencies, SMBS, foundations, LMS platforms, and YouTubers

Suited For

  • Content creators, including YouTubers, filmmakers, and documentary filmmakers
  • Educational institutions and e-learning platforms
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Media houses and news outlets
  • Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
  • Foundations and non-profit organizations
  • Language service providers