Arktan logo is a tool that allows users to create stunning AI art in seconds using Stable Diffusion. With this tool, users can upscale their images, create variations, fix faces, and easily share their artwork.


  • AI Art Creation: Generate stunning original art pieces in just seconds using the power of artificial intelligence.
  • Stable Diffusion Technology: Utilize Stable Diffusion, a cutting-edge AI model that produces high-quality and realistic art.
  • Image Upscaling: Enhance the resolution and quality of your images with's upscaling feature.
  • Variation Creation: Easily generate multiple variations of your artwork with a single click, allowing for creative exploration and experimentation.
  • Face Fixing: Correct and improve facial features in images to achieve more flattering and realistic results.
  • Artwork Sharing: Share your artwork directly from the tool and showcase your creations with others.

Use Cases

  • Artistic Creation: Artists and designers can use to create unique and visually stunning pieces of art.
  • Image Enhancement: Photographers and content creators can upscale and enhance the quality of their images using the tool's AI-powered algorithms.
  • Face Enhancement: Individuals looking to adjust and improve facial features in photos can benefit from's face fixing feature.
  • Creative Exploration: Users who want to generate variations and explore different artistic possibilities can use the tool to quickly iterate on their ideas.

Suited For

  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Content creators
  • Individuals interested in AI art